Monthly 125 Postpaid Plan

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Flexible pay-as-you-go plans and airtime

All monthly plans for Iridium sat phones include airtime, free voicemail, airtime pooling -- and the freedom to cancel or change plans whenever you want. It’s a powerful combination of value and flexibility.

Here’s how our Monthly 75 plan for Iridium phones compares with the other guys:

  • Plan includes 125 free minutes
  • Additional minutes at $1.00/minute
  • True pay-as-you-go service with no hidden costs for $79/month
  • Lower activation fee
  • Free voicemail and call display
  • Option to share airtime with other users on the same account
  • 3 month minimum term

Flexibility shouldn’t come with a penalty. Don’t be duped by monthly plans that actually require 3-12-month contracts, early termination penalties and other hidden fees. By choosing Iridium SIM Cards Direct we promise you’ll always have complete control to change or cancel your subscription when you need to.

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